DSC test for Android

As I began to add support for Digital Setting Circles (DSC) into my SkEye app, I thought the first step is to get the communication right. That is, the communication between the DSC and the phone, over bluetooth.

I built a separate app for doing this and figured, hey, this could be useful to others as well. Perhaps, to test your setup or simply to learn how your DSC communicates.

Note: This app can be hopefully used to test any Bluetooth SPP interface; not just DSCs

Mini Tutorial

  • Download the app from the Android Market if you haven't already. It goes unsurprisingly by the name DSC Test.
  • Setup your DSC and make sure the bluetooth interface is on.
  • Run the app. If bluetooth is not active, you will be prompted to enable it.
  • Now press the menu key and select Connect a device
  • Wait till your device shows up and then click it.
  • Once connected, you will be able to type commands to it, and see the replies.


The exact commands supported depends on your particular DSC. Refer to its manual for details. The following commands are usually supported by most devices:

Q : Queries encoders' positions.

H : Queries encoders' resolutions.

Change log

Version 5.x
Rework of the alignment algorithm. Works with my simulated tests.

Version 4.x
Mostly UI improvements

Version 3.x
Two star alignment and reporting of true telescope position

Version 2.x
Aligned mode, which shows the current position reported by the DSC

Version 1.8
Bug fixes

Version 1.0
Initial release.

If you tried this app do let me know about your setup and commands.

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