Virtual DSC

Simply strap your phone to the telescope or binoculars and use your phone as a PUSHTO. Checkout some ideas for mounting the phone. A complete tutorial is available in the Documentation section.

Object databases

  • All named stars upto mag 5
  • All stars upto mag 8 are rendered in the Free version and upto mag 10 in the Pro version. (More coming soon)
  • Messier Objects
  • NGC and IC catalog objects
    • About 200 bright NGCs in the Free version.
    • Complete NGC and IC in the Pro version. There is also a catalog filter mechanism to deal with large databases.

Planetarium features

Time Machine  Satellite tracking  Precession (for better accuracy)  Bullseye recticle with coordinates of target  Real‑time Alt/Azm and RA/HA/Dec coordinates  Constellation lines  Search function with guiding reticle  Alt‑azimuth and equatorial grids

Other features

Battery indicator  Full screen mode  Translations in French, Hungarian and Slovenian  Night Mode   Multiple locations that are saved between sessions

Upcoming features

(What I am working on next)

Comet and Asteroid tracking  A larger star database  Better UI  More DSO databases.