Many people and organisations have contributed directly or indirectly towards the development of SkEye. SkEye stands proudly on the shoulders of these giants.

The list below is neither comprehensive nor sorted in any particular order. We wish to acknowledge all contributions and hence this list will be updated frequently.

Astronomy related

  • Solar system Ephemeris was originally based on articles by Paul Schlyter. A more accurate version is now being used with code contributed by Paul himself. The new version has an accuracy of 1 arc-minute for the period of + or - 100 years from J2000
  • The NGC and IC data is from the Revised NGC catalog by Dr Wolfgang Steinicke with his kind permission.
  • Early versions of SkEye used the HCNGC catalog with permission from Robert Erdmann of the NGC-IC project
  • Dr Harold Corwin was very helpful in clarifying doubts regarding Surface Brightness data in the NGC catalog.
  • Satellite TLEs are from CelesTrak with kind permission from Dr. T.S. Kelso.
  • Surface brigthness and size data for the Messier objects was taken from Tony Flander's website with his kind permission.
  • Constellation line art from SFA star charts.
  • Star names are derived from IAU-CSN database, maintained by Eric Mamajek. Thanks to Marco Trevisan for bringing it to my attention.

Also notably,

  • The new icons were designed by Jeff Jang.
  • Durval Menezes, from Brazil, has helped extensively by testing early versions of the DSC-Test application.
  • Many thanks to Berenji Péter for the Hungarian translation, Germain Gagnerot for the French translation, Borut Krajnc for the Slovanian translation, Massimo Pedrazzoli for the Italian translation and Weiter Thomas for the Czech translation.
  • The support for remote sensors was possible only due to the testing, feedback and encouragement from Adrian Fabry, Brewster LaMacchia, "Starman", "Starrider" and other early adopters on the mailing list.
  • The background image of the night scape is derived from this image posted on Flickr by AustinZVille under a CC license.