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SkEye 6.11

(8 March 2017)
  • Correct the magnitude calculation for Comet 2P/Encke
  • M1 is now called crab nebula, instead of Taurus A
  • Ability to search stars by their designation in English (sigma instead of σ)
  • Completed list of named stars
  • Increased number of named stars to 2400, so that southern pole star (sigma octanis) is included
  • Smoother display when connected to Wiced Sense devices, on some newer Android phones

SkEye 6.10c

(4 March 2017)
  • Speak directions when searching for an object
  • Auto reconnect when remote sensor is disconnected
  • Remember sorting preference (by name / by ease of viewing)
  • Indicate rate of change by audio tone when aligning
  • Volume down button can be used to accept an alignment
  • Ability to view target while searching
  • Ability to change opacity of satellites and comets
  • Reduce clutter in portrait mode by removing FOV readout

SkEye 6.9.3

(21 February 2017)
  • Support for Wiced Sense Firmware 5.x

SkEye 6.9.2

(17 January 2017)
  • Calendar widget for your home screen, showing phases of the moon.

SkEye 6.9.1

(13 January 2017)
  • Support for corrected firmware of Wiced Sense

SkEye 6.9.0

(29 December 2016)
  • initial support for TI SensorTag2
  • use normal sensitivity for remote sensors (it was high earlier)
  • store accelerometer calibration separately for each device

SkEye 6.8.2

(29 November 2016)
  • Fixed regression in SkEye's interaction with other apps.
  • Declared support for large tablets.

SkEye 6.8.1

(1 November 2016)
  • Fixed star names and added Bayer / Flamsteed designations
  • Increased number of star names. Total is now 1200

SkEye 6.8.0l

(14 September 2016)
  • Support for remote sensors.
  • Two new quick settings: Ecliptic opacity and horizon opacity.
  • Improvements to time machine interface: ability to minimise, and to jump to a specific date / year.

SkEye 6.6.1

(20 December 2013)
  • A new feature called Quick Settings that enables complete customization of the interface. Watch the linked video for an overview.

SkEye Pro 6.5.8

(30 Nov 2013)
  • [Pro] Many optimisations to Satellite and Comet algorithms. Speed up should be especially noticeable on slower devices.

SkEye Pro 6.5.7

(24 Nov 2013)
  • [Pro] Updated Satellite and Comet data.
  • Individual alignments can be removed.
  • Smoother scrolling during Insta-align.
  • [Pro] Comet tracks are now shorter but denser; they look better during perihelion.
  • Clearer marks for DSOs.
  • New translation: Chinese (region china).

SkEye Pro 6.5.4

(31 Oct 2013)
  • Fixed a crash on high density devices. Long Satellite labels were overflowing allocated dimensions.

SkEye 6.5.3

(30 Oct 2013)
  • [Pro] Support for Comets.
  • Dropped support for old renderer.
  • Correct Label rotation in landscape, manual and non-sensor modes.
  • Redesigned Search screen
  • New translation: German, Chinese-Taiwan
  • Many optimisations.

SkEye 6.4.2

(14 Oct 2013)
  • Fix for some devices which don't have magnetometer, but still have sensor fusion. Example: Kindle Fire HD.

SkEye 6.4.1

(1 Oct 2013)
  • Keep screen awake was not working on some devices, due to a silly mistake in the app.

SkEye 6.4.0b

(30 Sep 2013)
  • Maintenance release with bug fixes and optimisations.
  • Requires one less permission (wake lock) and better conserves battery life.
  • Adds support for 800+ devices; falls back to manual mode when sensors are not found.
  • Has a new translation: Portuguese
  • Doesn't dim screen in Dusk mode.

SkEye Pro 6.3.3

(5 Sep 2013)
  • Fixed crash when opening catalog filters dialog.

SkEye 6.3.2

(5 Sep 2013)
  • The night theme is now pure red.
  • There is a new color theme called 'Dusk' which is darker than the 'Day' theme but is not pure red.
  • The Settings option to show NGC catalog had gone missing in the previous version. It has been restored in this version.
  • Fix a rare crash on high density phones.
  • Translations to more languages (Russian, Norwegian)

SkEye 6.2.3

(6 Aug 2013)
  • A completely redesigned night mode.
  • Exit confirmation.
  • Fix for a rare bug in sensor fusion algorithm. (Crazy movement when pointed at Zenith)
  • Rotating the display with two-finger gesture now works correctly.
  • Removed shakiness in views when running the time-machine.

SkEye 6.1.0c

(26 June 2013)
  • Better Sensor algorithms
  • A redesigned Settings screen
  • Fixed a bug with the 'magnetic warning' message.

SkEye 6.0.3

(3 June 2013)
  • Fix crash on High screen density devices (Galaxy S 4, HTC One, Droid DNA, etc).

SkEye 6.0.2

(29 August 2012)
  • Added Czech translations
  • Updated Italian translations
  • Updated Satellite TLEs (in Pro version)

SkEye 6.0

(22 April 2012)
  • Time Machine - Jump to any date in past or future. Rewind, forward time to simulate interesting events like the Venus transit. Calendar shows moon phases.
  • Improvements to the Manual Scrolling Mode
  • Toasts (popup messages) are now themed in red.
  • Power saving. Avoided running a background thread after closing SkEye.
  • Updated translations.

SkEye 5.6 and Pro 2.8

(9 March 2012)
  • Smarter telrad circles that show dimensions and directions.
  • Common names of DSOs are shown and they are searchable.

SkEye 5.5 and Pro 2.7

(3 March 2012)
  • Uses Gyroscopes when available. Requires Android 4 (ICS). Can be disabled in the settings.
  • Improves the readability of labels.
  • Bug fix: Honors the night mode after returning from another screen, such as search dialog
  • Italian translations

SkEye 5.4.2 and Pro 2.6.4

(2 Feb 2012)
  • Switching to night mode doesn't require extra memory in the new version. This prevents an FC on certain memory-constrained phones. The switch is also much faster.
  • Updated translations (Slovenian and Hungarian)

SkEye Pro 2.6.2

(18 Jan 2012)
  • Goof up in the previous release was fixed: Stars only upto mag 9 were being shown instead of the intended mag 10
  • When zoomed out (greater than 15 degree FOV). ) stars only upto 8 mag are shown. This speeds up rendering on slow devices, without significant loss of detail.

SkEye 5.4.1 and Pro 2.6.1

(14 Jan 2012)

Minor fix: In portrait mode, it was not possible to select objects in the Search screen.

SkEye 5.4 and Pro 2.6

(13 Jan 2012)
  • Bumped the number of stars: upto mag 8 in free version and upto mag 10 in Pro.
  • Satellites:
    • Night mode for satellite display
    • Show satellite's international designation in description. This is very useful; see explanation .
    • Satellites below horizon are now shown less prominently - reduces clutter.
  • New app icons!
  • An improved API which will return more information to apps that interface with SkEye.
  • Some enhancements to polish the user interface. For example, the description of the objects in Search dialog is now placed optimally in portrait mode.
  • Avoid a Force Close and continue correctly when detecting the graphics capability in some devices, including Samsung Panasonic.

SkEye 5.3 and Pro 2.5

(23 Dec 2011)
  • Switched to the Revised NGC catalog in the Free version as well.
  • DSOs are now rendered with coloured outlines instead of just points.
  • High accuracy Ephemeris of the Galilean moons (four brightest moons of Jupiter)
  • High levels of zoom possible now. You can zoom all the way to 0.2 degrees of FOV (from the previous limit of 3 degrees)
  • Object description in lists of object
  • Added a search button beside the description of centered object.
  • Buttons to zoom in and out and a button to switch to manual mode.
  • ...and many more changes. See the announcement for details.

SkEye Pro 2.4

(16 Dec 2011)
  • Switched to the Revised NGC catalog.
  • Included the IC catalog.
  • DSOs are now rendered with coloured outlines instead of just points.

SkEye 5.2.2 and Pro 2.3.2

(6 Dec 2011)
  • Support for devices that do not have GPS on board.
  • Updates to Slovanian translation

SkEye Pro 2.3

(29 Nov 2011)
  • Fix: FC while pinch-zooming and rotation.
  • Updates to translations

SkEye v 5.2.1

(29 Nov 2011)
  • Better star rendering; changed the star texture and background color to improve contrast and make them sharper.
  • Coarse (Network based) location can now be used for specifying location. This is usually faster than GPS and accurate enough for casual use.
  • Fix: FC while pinch-zooming and rotation.
  • Updates to translations

SkEye Pro 2.2

(25 Nov 2011)
  • Satellite tracking. This is an early preview; there are no configuration options yet, and the Satellite TLEs aren't updated automatically yet.
  • Better star rendering. I changed the star texture and background color to improve contrast and make them sharper.
  • Coarse (Network based) location can now be used for specifying location. This is usually faster than GPS and accurate enough for casual use.

SkEye v5.1 and SkEye Pro 2.1

(12 Nov 2011)
  • Switched to a completely new Solar System Ephemeris, which is more accurate. It is accurate to within 1 arc-minute for a period of + or - 100 years since J2000.
  • Fix: Labels were not being shown correctly in the new renderer on some devices.
  • Fix: the rendering of Moon's phase and angle of bright limb was wrong for the waxing phase.

SkEye v5.0 and SkEye Pro 2.0

(25 Oct 2011)
  • A new, realistic rendering engine. Requires Android 2.2+
  • Stars are shown with different colors (depicting their spectral type) and sizes (depicting magnitude).
  • All stars upto mag 6.0 are rendered. For Pro version all stars upto mag 8.0 are rendered.
  • The number of named stars is now about 1200 (up from about 400)
  • The Moon and Sun are rendered as discs (scaled to real size). The Moon's disc is shaded to show its exact phase.
  • Slovanian translation. Thanks to Borut.
  • Enabled 'Move-to-SD' feature (works only with Android 2.2)
  • Fix: Corrected positions of Messier #2 and #77. The declinations of these objects were positive instead of negative.
  • Fix: Manual mode is now smoother to operate.
  • Fix: Increased the tolerance for movement during Insta-Align.

SkEye v4.0 and SkEye Pro 1.0

(27 Sep 2011)
  • Implemented Precession of the Equator to improve accuracy. This benefits the PUSHTO ability significantly.
  • Show the Ecliptic and the Anti-solar point.
  • Manual Mode (activated by scrolling)

Some minor changes being:

  • Fixed a rare Force Close while Insta-aligning.
  • Updated French translations
  • Performance improvements to the "object list" interface.