Settings screen

You can access this screen via Home screen -> Settings -> More.

General Settings

Zoom by Volume keys

When this feature is on, the map view can be zoomed using the volume keys.

Magnetic field warning

When enabled, SkEye checks the output of the magnetometer and if it is not as expected, it shows the "Strange Magnetic field" warning. See the section on magnetometer for more information.

Auto-rotation of labels

If enabled here, the labels on the Map view will rotate along with your phone when in

  • hand-held mode
  • indirect mode

Principal Orientation

The default orientation of SkEye's main screen is portrait. But if you prefer landscape, you can change it here. There is also an “Auto” mode which changes the orientation dynamically to match the phone's orientation.

Sensor related settings

Use sensor fusion

Sensor fusion is a feature available on some Android devices. It "fuses" the data from multiple sensors and provides a more stable experience. It is recommended to keep this setting on, except when there is a bug in the Sensor fusion of the device.

Sensitivity settings

Each Android phone model has slightly different sensors (types and sensitivity). If you find the display too jerky or too laggy, SkEye lets you alter the sensitivity of each sensor. See sensitivity for more details.