Color Themes

The color theme of the app can be changed from

  • Home Screen -> Settings -> Color Theme
  • Map Screen -> Menu -> Color Theme

color theme dialog

There are four color themes to choose from:

ThemeColorsNavigation Buttons
DayBright colors suitable for use in daylightNo dimming
DuskGreen and Blue colors are subdued by about 50%Dimmed
NightOnly Red color is usedDimmed
GreenOnly Green color is usedDimmed

The Night color theme is designed to preserve dark adaptation. The Green color theme can be useful in certain scenarios like observations under a bright full moon.

Note: The above color theme only applies to the app and not to OS provided windows such as the onscreen keyboard. It is a good idea to change your keyboard theme to a dark one, to avoid being suddenly blinded when the keyboard pops up within the app. Android 10+ also introduced a system-wide Dark Theme option, which is a great way to make all such windows dark by default.