Changelog for the 7.x series


Release: September 2020

  • Home screen:
    • Tweak: Increased the number of objects displayed in "What's up now?" list
    • Bug fix: Settings button was not clickable in landscape mode
  • Map Screen:
    • Bug fix: NGC catalog labels were not correctly displayed in Free version


Release: September 2020

  • Home screen:
    • Optimise the screen layout for landscape mode.


Release: September 2020

  • Map screen:
    • Quick settings has been renamed to map settings
    • Labels can now be scaled through map settings
    • Show sub-directions (North-West, etc) on the map
    • Allow wider FOV
    • Smoother time machine animations
  • Home screen:
    • added search button
    • added about button
  • Search screen:
    • Sort by "ease of viewing" now ensures that objects that are below the horizon are always shown lower in the search results

Free version

  • Expanded NGC catalog to include 200+ popular objects
  • Common names for NGC catalog are now shown


  • Catalog filter screen now shows number of selected objects
  • Home screen now shows total number of selected objects
  • Update NGC and IC catalogs to latest revision


  • Map screen:
    • Labels automatically scale based on FOV
    • Increased constellation line size
    • Fix corruption of labels at the edges
    • Removed "about" option in map menu
    • Smoother rendering for Labels
    • Tweaked the position of Cassiopeia label